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While construction sites top the list of the most dangerous workplaces in the nation, it’s important to note that employees are not the only individuals who are at risk of injury when on or near a construction site. In fact, pedestrians and motorists are struck by falling construction site debris or injured in accidents resulting from unmarked roadway construction at an alarming rate. Whether due to an unsafe work site, third party negligence, or sheer accident, construction accidents can have devastating consequences for the affected parties, who could sustain seriously debilitating injuries.

Fortunately, those who are injured on construction sites are usually eligible for some sort of compensation, whether it be through the state’s workers’ compensation program or a claim against a negligent third party. For help determining whether you or a loved one could be eligible for compensation after this type of accident, please contact an experienced Buffalo construction accident attorney today.

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Types of Construction Accidents

Construction sites are notoriously dangerous work environments, as employees are at risk of being injured in a wide range of accidents caused by:

  • Falling hazards, including debris, tools, and building materials that were not properly secured;
  • Scaffolding mishaps, including falls, which are often caused by a failure to properly assemble, secure, or maintain the scaffolding itself;
  • Vehicle accidents involving large trucks or construction equipment, including everything from tractor trailers and delivery trucks to bulldozers and dump trucks;
  • Crane collapses, which typically involve unsecured cargo coming loose;
  • Becoming caught in or between construction equipment or objects; and
  • Exposed power lines, faulty wiring, and electrical issues, all of which can result in electrocution.

While these may be the most common accidents in which construction site workers and nearby residents could become involved, they are by no means the only ones, so if you were injured on or near a construction site, it is critical to speak with an experienced Buffalo, NY construction accident lawyer who can evaluate your claim.

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Do New York’s Labor Laws protect Construction Workers?

Most of those who are injured on or near construction sites are employees. Fortunately, New York law specifically protects workers who are injured during demolition, renovations, and while fulfilling other duties on a construction site. For instance, Section 240 of New York’s Labor Law requires construction sites to provide employees with protection from falling objects. This includes a requirement that all scaffolding in the state come with safety rails that have been properly attached, braced, or bolted in such a way that prevents swaying.

Contractors and construction companies that fail to abide by these labor laws could be held liable for injuries resulting from their negligent actions. In fact, even if an employer was not at fault for an accident, an employee who was injured on a construction site, could seek compensation through the state’s workers’ compensation program.

Buffalo Construction Accident FAQs

In an effort to help prepare you for your own construction accident, we’ve included some of the most frequently asked construction accident-related questions that we encounter.

What should I do after a construction accident?

Those who are injured in construction accidents should take a number of steps, both to protect their health and preserve their right to file a claim in court, including: seeking medical attention, taking pictures of the accident site, photographing their injuries, recording the contact information of any eyewitnesses, retaining copies of all injury-related documentation, and retaining an experienced attorney.

What types of compensation can construction accident victims recover?

Contractors who fail to fulfill the duty to keep their construction sites safe for employees, pedestrians, and motorists could be required to compensate victims for medical bills and rehabilitation costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and property damage.

What kind of settlement or verdict can I expect for my own construction accident claim?

The type of settlement or damages award that a plaintiff can expect to recover when filing a construction accident claims depends on a number of factors, including whether he or she was an employee at the construction site, the type of claim being filed, the severity of the injuries involved, and whether the accident was the result of negligence. To get a better idea of the settlement you could receive in your own case, please contact one of our dedicated Buffalo construction accident lawyers at your earliest convenience.

To speak with an experienced Buffalo construction accident attorney about your own accident and resulting injuries, please call Richmond Vona, LLC today.

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